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Wheel Design

Product Development

Ps-Garage Wheel Design Services

High quality wheel design can drastically improve a vehicle’s aesthetic - much like fashion. Designing wheels can be a complicated process with so many factors to consider, such as: number of spokes, angles and curves, edge details, manufacturing process, to the type of configuration. Our specialized workflow assists you in the development process to help achieve the design that best suits your product line.

  • Design for cast and forged
  • Wheel conversions
  • Configuration design
  • Carbon fibre barrels
  • Multi-piece wheels
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2D Renderings

Efficient Presentation Visuals

Ps-Garage 2D Renderings

2D Vehicle Renderings are highly effective in communicating ideas and showcasing product. Photographic images are digitally manipulated with hand-drawn modifications ranging from basic customization to more complex design illustrations. Modifications can include: paint colour change, wheel swap, suspension lowering or raising, body kits, vinyl graphics, conversions, to accessory addition.

  • Dedicated Rendering House
  • Quick turnaround times
  • Suitable for early development
  • Uses existing images
  • Cost-effective design updates
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3D Renderings

Advanced Photo-Realism

Ps-Garage 3D Renderings

3D Renderings are mathematically calculated, digitally generated images created from 3D CAD models. For most projects, 3D Renderings are created conjointly with the corresponding 3D CAD. At Ps-Garage, we offer the full range of 3D services: from polymesh modeling, NURBS CAD modeling, photo-realistic 3D renderings, to 3D animation. All of our services are performed in-house at our studios.

  • Great for multi-angle renderings
  • Suitable for refined designs
  • Polymesh CAD for animation
  • NURBS CAD for manufacturing
  • Option for 3D animations
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