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Ambition by Design and Excellence through Art

Ps-Garage is a Canadian design consultancy offering its wide array of development and visualization services to the global market. As the industry leader in this field, our values are rooted in: delivering exceptional design, utmost care and detail in works, and using visual arts to communicate ideas.

Ps-Garage was established in 2004 originally as a community for designers, artists, and enthusiasts to gather and share ideas. The core team continued to grow in the following years and quickly evolved and transitioned into a formal studio environment. Noticing the industry growth and demands, we began offering our professional services to the public in 2007.

Since then, our work has appeared across the internet and in print media - having features and appearances in both global newspapers and automotive magazines. We are also extremely honoured to work and cooperate with many of the world leading brands and companies in the automotive aftermarket industry.

Our entire team was professionally trained in industrial design, transportation design, and illustrative creative arts. The foundational knowledge in manufacturing and understanding processes, together with the artistic perspective, allows us to collaboratively produce innovative design that combine style and form. In addition to being professionals, our team members are also automotive enthusiasts and are deeply passionate about this industry as a hobby. We continually look beyond the global trends and be at the forefront of automotive design.

Ps-Garage is part of the ML24 Design Consultancy Group (ML24 LTD).

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