We specialize in creating photo-realistic automotive renderings and wheel design development. Detailed information on each service is listed below and portfolio work can be viewed here. For all quotations and pricing inquiries, please email us at .

Ps-Garage 2D Rendering Services

2D Vehicle Rendering

2D vehicle renderings are digitally-manipulated car images with customized modifications. Modifications can range from wheel change, paint color, to more drastic changes such as exterior styling (body kits), vinyl graphics, and conversions (coupe/sedan, offroad, racing, etc.). 2D renderings are highly effective in communicating ideas and showcasing product.

Ps-Garage Wheel Design Services

Wheel Design

Wheel design is the developmental process of combining stylistic elements with mechanical function. With our background in manufacturing and machining processes, our team is proficient in conceiving artistic ideas as well as shaping and sculpting wheels that follow international standards. Our proprietary design process allows us to explore unique and original concepts and bring them into fruition.

Ps-Garage 3D CAD Design Services

3D CAD Design

CAD development is the process of creating an object design in 3D virtual space. Through numerous phases of iterations and visual development, the envisioned design is shaped and dimensioned accurately to represent the physical geometry. 3D CAD development is a critical step in the process of creating unique design for your product line.

Ps-Garage 3D Rendering Services

3D CAD Rendering

3D renderings are photo-realistic images created from CAD models and 3D data. Photo-realistic renderings are important visualization tools during design development stages, but are also effective presentation material for marketing and showcasing the end-product. Each rendering is completed with the utmost realism and detail, ensuring highly realistic representation and replication of materials, such as alloys, paint colors, and a wide range of custom finishes. In addition to still image renderings, models can be used to produce CGI animations and videos.

Ps-Garage Speculative Rendering Services

Speculative Rendering

Speculative rendering is the method of unwrapping the camouflage graphics off spyshot photos, predicting how the final production vehicle might look like. Consumers are always excited to see what is coming, and speculating rumors combined with our team’s knowledge of automotive concept design, allows us to create considerably accurate, and convincing, proposals and visuals.