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Back in mid-2021 we helped Balonbay 3D Laser Scanning with the design development of their new work van.

Lamborghini has been cooking a replacement for the Aventador for quite some while and recently they unveiled the Revuelto. It is the first HPEV ( High Performance Electrified Vehicle ) hybrid super sports car.

RC02 is a vintage-inspired mesh styled wheel designed for modern fitment. The interwoven spokes with crisp details show hints of retro classics while being fit for modern day milling processes.

GT07 is a mesh styled wheel intended for sports styling; featuring dual layer spokes interwoven with our trademarked Ps-Garage teardrop motifs.

GT17 is a Grand Touring styled wheel design, with twin-5 spokes shaped to evoke circular elements while retaining refined details for luxury vehicles.

An aggressive, formula styled, motorsport-inspired forged monoblock design. Thematically derived from the world of motorsport, the design features dual layered spoke interactions, centralizing into a simplistic hub.

Satin blue BMW M8 coupe on our GT09 forged wheel design. Presented in satin bronze and two-tone dark-smoke.

GT09 is a dynamic wheel design that combines elements of dual layer, varying spoke thicknesses, our trademark Ps-Garage teardrop motif, and intricate slot treatment on the outer register lip. View GT09 on vehicle renderings here.

Blue Ford Shelby F150 with white racing stripes shown on Ps-Garage RT02 - a twin-6 spoke, directional off road wheel.

RT02 is a twin-6 spoke, directional 6-lug wheel we originally developed for off road vehicles and trucks but also works for sportier applications.

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