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Recently Porsche has revelead a track slaying Taycan version, called Turbo GT. The model is developing close to 1092HP by using a recently added new electric motor controled by a more powerful and efficient pulse inverter.

Lamborghini has been cooking a replacement for the Aventador for quite some while and recently they unveiled the Revuelto. It is the first HPEV ( High Performance Electrified Vehicle ) hybrid super sports car.

Leading up to the 2022 Paris Auto Show, BMW announced the highly anticipated second generation of the M2. The M2 is truly a driver’s car, and a favourite among our team, and a car that we have covered numerous times before on our site.

On September 22 2022, Ford announced the next generation Mustang. The 7th generation Mustang, codenamed S650, introduces advanced technology, more power, and improved performance.

Mercedes-AMG GT43 performance sedan shown here in red paint on satin bronze and double dark gunmetal finished wheels.

Champagne Ferrari 488 Spyder (Convertible) on our GT09 forged wheel design. Presented in two finishes; brushed face with polished windows and satin black.

Satin blue BMW M8 coupe on our GT09 forged wheel design. Presented in satin bronze and two-tone dark-smoke.

Blue Ford Shelby F150 with white racing stripes shown on Ps-Garage RT02 - a twin-6 spoke, directional off road wheel.

Fifth Generation VX Dodge Viper in red shown on Ps-Garage RT02 twin-6 directional custom forged wheels.

RT02 is a directional twin-6 wheel designed for off road trucks. View more information on the RT02 here. Shown below is a Dodge Ram Rebel Edition on RT02 finished in bronze and dark gunmetal.

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