MINI Clubman Concept

Prior to Geneva's Auto Salon, MINI has revealed near-production Clubman Concept. This right here, is the largest MINI, measuring 4223mm long, 1844mm wide and 1450mm tall. Comparing it with the previous model, this one features four frameless front-hinged doors while the split rear doors have been retained.
The interior looks more conceptual than the exterior, MINI sustains that this is a hint of what we can expect from the future models - premium materials, like real wood, with chrome and alluminium inserts, LCD displays with all sorts of informations.

Volvo Estate Concept

If you remember the times when Estate cars were only meant to large families, they were specifically being built for being practical, the looks wasn't on top priority list.

But, a few years ago, everything changed, the Estate cars have wonderful shapes, they attract even the most critic eye and aren't meant for families only.

This just happened with Volvo, which revealed their Estate Concept, which is based on their new SPA platform (Scalable Product Architecture) - and it looks absolutely gorgeous, just look at that full roof glass panel. Volvo also worked on the spacious interior, with quality materials and live colors.

Opel Astra OPC Extreme

This would be an interesting sight on the road. Developed around the Nordschleife and especially derived from the OPC Cup Racer, the OPC Extreme features an all-alluminium engine, capable of developing over 300 horse power. You can easily notice the race bred, as it features all sorts of weight saving options, from the engine cover, to the wheels in carbon fiber. You can spot an roll cage as well, a carbon roof, hood - front fenders are alluminium and weight under one kilo.

No performance figures were revealed, other than the 6 pot Brembo brakes, hidden behind 19" wheels, wrapped around 245/35 especially designed tires.

Jaguar XFR-S Sportbrake

Jaguar XFR-S Sportbrake
If you can think about those lazy mornings, when you could use some extra sleep, but you need to wake up and take the kids to school, otherwise they will be late, well, fear not, because you just shaved a few minutes off.

Jaguar has revealed the Sportbrake version of the XFR-S, that's insane, really, beacuse you get the same 5.0-liter V8 supercharged engine delivering 542 bhp and 680 Nm, capable of travelling from 0-100km.h in 4.6s - because kid's car sick is totaly over-rated.

Volkswagen Golf R by ABT

Volkswagen Golf R by ABT
The new Golf R is fast, but why not faster, right? ABT tuned the car and it now runs from 0-100km.h in 4.5s, i repeat, 4.5s - thanks to a new control unit which pushes the 2.0L engine up to 370HP and 460NM.

On the styling side, there's new front/rear lip kit, new sideskirts, big wheels, mirror caps, eyelids and a new hatch spoiler.

Hennessey Venom GT beats Bugatti Veyron Super Sport

Remember the Hennessey Venom GT that caught everyone's attention with its crazy fast speed? Well, as of now, it's officially the world's fastest car as it hits 270.49 mph at the Kennedy Space Center. The Venom GT beats the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport which held the previous title with a top speed of 268.86 mph.


Although, it is technically the world's fastest car, it can't receive the title since Gusiness Record requires the average speed from two runs. Since NASA only allowed Hennessey one run, the title was out of reach. The manufacturer also had to have a minimum of 30 cars and Hennessey stated that they will only produce 29 Venom GT's.


2014 Audi S1

Audi steps up the "pocket rocket" game and unveils the anticipated S1. Based on the A1, it's being launched with 2 body styles, 3 door hatchback and 5 door sportback, being powered by a 2.0L TFSI engine, developing 231HP and 370Nm of torque, out of a shell which weights around 1000kg. 

Thanks to the standard quattor, the sprint to 100km is done in 5.8s - the car can be optionally fitted with 18" wheels, 310mm brake disks, adaptive LED headlights and other goodies.

Price will be around 30.000 euros.

Mercedes-Benz S-Klasse Coupe

Mercedes-Benz S-Klasse Coupe
Mercedes has unveiled the Coupe based on the S-Klasse model. The CL-Class has been ruled out and here is the new coupe. It features a long engine hood, sloped roof line and big wheels - all characteristic to a coupe.

Overall lenght is 5027mm and a 1411mm height, that should be pleasing to the eye!

Everything you find inside the limousine, there's inside this coupe, with a sporty feeling, the same goes with the engines. For the start we'll have the S500 V8 and in the near future, Mercedes Benz promised the S63 AMG.

BMW 4 Series GranCoupe

BMW 4 Series GranCoupe
BMW with it's forever niche models attempts (and some succeed), has revealed the 4 Series GranCoupe. So what is it? Well, consider it a smaller class 6 series GranCoupe. But should I buy the 3 Series Saloon instead? Well, depends, this one is being based on 4 series platform, which means it's wider, lower and has a hatch - and way cooler.

Engines are the same from 3er and 4er, sales kickoff this summer!


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