Restoration: Porsche 911 HLS

"The forgotten Porsche", that's what all the automotive blogs wrote about the car i'm going to show you in this post. it all began in 1966, when this 911 was  sent to Automotive Engineering department at the University of Aache, so it would of been turned into a retractable roof 911, meant for races.
I've originally seen the photos on and when i found out that not even Google has an entry about the car at that time, i decided I should make it my own "virtual restoration" project.
While taste is subjective, for some this is an ugly car, for others is pretty, others appreciate it and consider it exclusive and rare - either case, I returned it into it's former glory. 
Kept everything original, except the color ( which is also a Porsche Original ), the Fuchs Wheels and the seats with stitching.
The plan is to restore the rear and side angle as well, if time is on my side, watch this space.
Many thanks to Classic Car Driver for the photos.
Restoration: Porsche 911 HLS
Restoration: Porsche 911 HLS