F1 Hungary - Qualifying

Lewis Hamilton will be starting from a pole position on tomorrow's F1 race on Hungaroring track in Hungary.

There is no much to say about this man today, not only he finished with the fastest time, he destroyed the competition on all three rounds. On second place, with almost a half a second behind was Romain Grosjean in Lotus. Lotus F1 Team showed very good pace which resulted, as mentioned, with second place for Romain and fifth place for Kimi Raikkonen. On the third, Sebastian Vettel in Red Bull.

Lotus Evora GX Race Car

The most sportiest version of Lotus Evora sport car, named Evora GX has been officially unveiled by Lotus.

This race car is made to be used in GRAND-AM Rolex Sport Car Series and by that it means it needs to be equipped with top of the line parts and mods to be race legal.

Lotus Evora GX Race Car
Lotus Evora GX Race Car
Lotus Evora GX Race Car
Lotus Evora GX Race Car
Lotus Evora GX Race Car
Lotus Evora GX Race Car

F1 Germany - RACE

Fernando Alonso is the winner of the FORMULA 1 GROSSER PREIS SANTANDER VON DEUTSCHLAND 2012.

Fernando Alonso, with great driving, took his Ferrari to third victory this year! He kept his first position from the start to the very end of the race, not letting anyone to even try to pass him.

F1 Germany - Qualifying

Fernando Alonso will be starting from a pole on tommorow's F1 race on Hockenheim track in Germany.

After dry first qualifying session, wheather turned around and rain started falling. As we seen on every wet race this year, Fernando's Ferrari loves the rain! Cobine that with Fernando's great driving skills and you have a winner. 

F1 Great Britain - RACE

Mark Webber is the winner of the 2012 FORMULA 1 SANTANDER BRITISH GRAND PRIX.

F1 Great Britain - Qualifying

Fernando Alonso will be starting from tomorrows' pole position on Silverstone track in Great Britain.

After heavy rain and red flag in second qualifying session and one and half hour wait, competing for the fastest time continued on the fairly wet Silverstone track. Fastest man was Fernando Alonso in his Ferrari after great battle with second fastest Mark Webber in Red Bull.

Seven-time champion Michael Schumacher in Mercedes and two-time champion Sebastian Vettel in Red Bull will be starting from the second row.

F1 Valencia - RACE

Fernando Alonso is the winner of Valencia Grand Prix 2012!

If you missed this race, you missed one of the most thrilling races this year. First half was more of a pure driving, without any major suprises. The things got serious in second half, after the safety car drove off the track.

F1 Valencia - Qualifying

Sebastian Vettel will be starting from pole position in Sunday's race in Valencia Grand prix 2012.

Qualifying race was really close for the first 10 competitors and there were only minor diffrences in the lap times. Vettel got the best time, now for the 3rd year in a row, following by his all-time rival Lewis Hamilton. Third place was taken by Pastor Maldonado in Williams-Renault.

Big dissapointments are Mark Webber, starting from 19th place and Fernando Alonso from 11th place.

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