Lamborghini Veneno - Lamborghini 50th Anniversary

We interrupt this program ... erm, this is something that gives me a feeling where I can't find the right words to describe this.

We all knew that Lamborghini was working on a special 50th anniversary model, but we thought it might be the last Gallardo, or maybe the SV version of the Aventador.

But this, this is beyond expectations, information is short, but all over the internet, there were new images popping with it. First leaked in a magazine, then the photo has been swiftly removed, more appeared.

It's name is Veneno, which means "venom" in Spanish, built on the carbon-fiber monocoque chassis that we can find on the Aventador. Power comes from the upgraded 6.5L unit V12 engine, that produces 740HP and it can hit 220mph (354kph). 7 speed robotized manual transmission sends the power to all-four wheels.

Price, well, it WAS set set to 3.1 million pounds, which equals $4.7 million or 3.7 million euros. Why "WAS" because, the car is limited to a production number of 3 units, which already got sold.

Expect more photos at the official launch on 5th of March.