BMW i8 on ADV.1 Wheels

BMW i8 on ADV.1 Wheels
Been a while since we posted something like this. Every once in a while we work our charm on super and outstanding looking cars, and in my opinion, BMW i8 is no exception.

What I did here was a short interpretation of what would a Sports Line would look on the i8. Due to the fact that BMW made design lines available for most of their Series, maybe the i sub-brand will get the same treatment.

Outside lines weren't touched, I just opted for a darker color and used red accents, instead of the blue ones, highly "i" representative.

For the interior, I have added red accents on the steering wheel and used a bit of pale red for abiental lighting inserts in the dashboard. 

The door upholstery has received some treatment as well, it features a darker color, red stitching on the lower part and carbon fiber texture for the handle.

Outside looks were completed by a set of Concave ADV.1 ADV15mv2 - 21", matte black wheels.