Pagani Huayra Carbon Edition

Since the real car has been caught on camera and we know that it's heading to Geneva Motor Show, for the official release, I can post this render, done at the beginning of the year, upon request.

-Dan B.


Mercedes Benz SLS Roadster by Hamann

Hamann announced their Hawk model, one year ago, based on the coupe version of the Gullwing Mercedes, now they are taking advantage of the new Auto Salon at Geneva, to showcase their Roadster Hawk!


Novidem to exhibit four tuning programs at Geneva

Geneva Motor Show really stir's things up in turners and car makers world. Novidem, another Swiss tuner just bumped the e-world with the fact that they have been working on 4 new tuning programs, for different cars, that include a Stage 1 Porsche GT3, fitted with a 460HP compressor. An Audi R8 4.2 FSi, hooked to a 800HP compressor, a bi-turbo kitted Lamborghini Gallardo LP570-4 Performante, being able to develop 750HP. Last but not least a Nissan GTR(R35) Black Edition with pumped up 660HP.

They also stated that cars feature body modifications and safety measurements, like roll cages to some cars.

More will be available, once the Motor Show starts this Tuesday.

2012 Porsche 911(991) by Sportec

It would of been awkward if Sportec would not participate at this year's Motor Show, at Geneva, they are Swiss after all.

They have released a new tuning program for the latest generation Carrera, which consists in both performance and visual enhancements. Visually the car sits lower, thanks to a new suspension system, which drops the car by 25mm and a set of 20" mono/7 rims, which can also get equipped with cup tires, for extra grip.

Sportec has also been playing under the hood, they adjusted the electronics and changed the catalysts and managed to bend the power output, adding 20HP and 25Nm of torque.


Lotus to enter European Rally Championship and Le Mans Series

Lotus is planing it's entry in the FIA European Rally Championship with 10 cars for 10 teams, 7 of them being European, cars being the same R-GT version of the Exige. One of the teams is a partnership with United Business, that "dresses" the Exige in black and gold livery.

The driver is none other than Bernardo Sousa, former Portuguese champion and SWRC racer and he will race the car in Italy on the 19th-21st of April.

Lamborghini Unica Leaked - A Topless Aventador

As the Geneva Motor Show is slowly approaching, in fact, just around the corner, the industry is flooded with rumors and leaks. Lamborghini is one of them. Earlier today they officially released a fancy video on youtube with some streaking lights in a dark forest. But, that didnt' show much. Thankfully, some leaks showed some blurry images of what seems to be a speedster style Aventador. Very low windshield, almost none, and very very sleek and long aero modifications. Who knows what's in store, let's wait a week to find out.

See video

Exclusive cars wearing expensive ADV.1 shoes

Hey guys, I know I haven't been around the forums or showing off my works, but I haven't rest, I can assure you that!

I've decided, after Matt kept pushing me, to post my latest couple of personal projects.
No biggie, they are expensive cars, exclusive or recently launched cars, that I like very much. That plus one of my favorite wheel maker, ADV.1.


Mitsubishi i-MiEV Pikes Peak Hill Climber

When I first read this, I was like, could Mitsubishi hint us that they haven't took their eyes off motorsports, just yet? Beyond all the facts that they got off Rally, Evo production to stop at number 10, switching to more ecological means and eco-friendly systems, this could actually be a great thing.

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