2014 Porsche Macan

It was expected that Porsche would eventually get their new model on the streets for testing, even though it's under camo and still a mule, we've rendered it, as usual, to give you some ideas on how the car would look like. Keep in mind, this is only our interpretation, changes will surely occur.

Now, based on the spy shots and the details behind the camo, I could make some ideas how this will look like, it seems that the headlight shape resemblances Cayenne, but Porsche opted for a more slim design.
It seems that Porsche gave up on the round fog lights, they have instead chose LED fogs in the vents, something like the older 911 GT models.
Noticed that they added DRL incastrated in the vents, something like the 991 Carrera with turning signals in the bumper.

The rear is more curvy and sloper than Cayenne, which proves this is meant for the urban life.

-Dan B.