2013 Porsche 911(991) Turbo Cabriolet Speculative render

Must thank the blogs for making this possible, it wouldn't if they wouldn't post spy shots. We're thanking Spy Photographers as well, they do incredible work!

Now, following earlier posts, Porsche has released a few models for testing, most of them have lost lots of camo. Here's where we take in and did our last "crime", the 911(991) Turbo Cabriolet.

It's clearly visible, from the spy shots, the car has gained a wider wheel base, fenders have been enlarged, especially the rear one, which also gained and air duct, for better cooling.
It looks like that Porsche isn't going to ditch the fog lights, but they have some what changed the front bumper, vents are of a different design. The car sits lower, there's a new splitter attached on the front bumper as well as new sideskirts. 
A new lifting spoiler has also been added.

What I've seen on the spy shots, it's a reinforced cage behind the seats, but that's for testing purposes only, I'm sure Porsche does thigs more discreet than that, that's why it doesn't appear on my render.