2013 Mercedes Benz SL AMG

2013 Mercedes Benz SL AMG Render
Been a while since the automotive blogs keep on teasing us with spy shots of the upcoming 2012 Mercedes Benz SL.
Now, we don't do normal things, we like to think ahead, anticipate so we rendered the AMG version of it.
If it will be requested, we could also do the normal SL version, maybe top-down?

On the list of modifications, there is a new rear bumper, with specific AMG diffuser, new tail lights, new lip spoiler, lower side skirts, the entire car sits lower now, added specific AMG rims. 
In the front, you can notice the fender vent, both fenders have been slightly flared and for the front bumper, that was easily changed, since it can't be visible to much from this angle.

Production model will be more likely seen in the 2nd part of 2012.

Credit to Carscoop for the base image.

- Dan B.