2012 Honda CR-Z TypeR

Without any doubt, CRZ is currently, one of the best  looking Honda model. Sure it isn't on everybody's taste, adding the Hybrid engine, it doesn't really satisfy all the petrol heads out there. But, tuners already been doing their homework and compete each other with the most sophisticated technologies, to please every users, when it comes to performance.

Now, there's been some rumors about Honda working on a TypeR model, which I think everybody is expecting, Honda fan or not. 

A while ago, Temple of VTEC managed to squeeze out some information of chief R&D of Honda, that a hotter model is on the works and everybody started to speak.

We aren't spec-heads, we like to see things, forsee and render, so, based on the TypeR Concept, one of the team members, Dan Youn, shows his approach toward the upcoming model.

The list of mdifications include a drop in height, specific Honda rims wrapped in low profile tires. The front features a more mild front bumper with modified grille and hood vents(the engine is expected to be turbo-charged, so vents would help it breathe better). Side skirt has also been slightly modified to match the front/rear bumper. The wing on the concept was a bit to much for a production car and Dan re-styled it.
Red color also fits the TypeR theme and we decided to keep it.

Thanks Temple of VTEC for the rumor.

-Dan B.