2016 Honda Civic TypeR

2016 Honda Civic TypeRAfter all the teasing, spies, more teasing and more spies, the real deal is here, here is the new Civic TypeR and it comes with a pompous name "a race car for the road". 
Exterior wise, Honda really went all in, it features a wide-body aerodynamic kit, with large flares, large front air intakes and generous bumper splitter. Along the back, there's an aggressive diffuser, 4 round tail pipes and a devilish looking spoiler - which unfortunately, didn't house the concept LED tails.

Honda Civic TypeR

Honda Civic TypeR
This is the news all the JDM fans has been waiting for, yes, Honda released information of the following TypeR Civic and boy we do like it!

Honda just said this "a race car for the road", they preview the next year's Civic TypeR, which features and aerodynamic body, with fender flares, lower bumper valances, lower skirts, a drop in stance and large wheels.

The engine will be a turbocharged 2.0L unit, which will probably have around 280HP and if we're to judge what they said, they going to beat the Nurgburgring lap record.

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