Volvo interested in buying Saab

We reported a while ago about Saab going bankrupt. In the mean time, several car makers showed interest for buying it off, the most important of them is probably BMW. Now it has been rumored that Volvo is interested in fellow Swedish car maker.

They are interested in buying tooling and equipment from Saab for their own need, most likely the tooling would travel to China to Geely, the Volvo owner for their own production.

Saab sell-off of museum exhibits

The story about the once mighty brand Saab is slowly coming to an end.

Since Saab is on it's way to bankcuptcy, the Swedish law firm has decided to put the 120 cars from the famous Saab museum in Trollhatten on the market. Cars included in this liquidation moment are everything from old pieces from 1946, the famous Ur-Saab, the original to the racing 9000 series.

Few interesting facts about Saab:

- Founded in 1937

- Active in aircraft production, military weapons and automotive industry

- First car fitted with seatbelts as standard equipment

- Inovator in turbo-charged engines, broke records in endurance

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