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Toyota GT-86 Shooting Brake Concept

Toyota Australia just revealed a Shooting Brake concept version of the already successful FRS also known as the GT-86. This one-off unique, hand-built prototype looks much like the current version of the coupe, but it sports an elongated hatch-style trunk and roof that is very much functional. The rest of the car still features that sporty, agressive look. Although this will likely stay as a concept car, it's interesting to see how versatile the GT-86 is, in terms of design.


Toyota GT-86 Shooting Brake Concept


Mercedes Benz CLS63 AMG Shooting Brake by Spencer Hart

With what can you associate one of the most beautiful Estate cars, with exclusive clothing, of course. Mercedes Benz has colaborated with Spencer Hart, luxury clothing company.

Spencer Hart London Collections has shocased and highlighted the multitude of bespoke optioning available from AMG's Performance Studio.  The exclusive design will be available on order featuring the new Nick Hart Midnight Blue exterior paint scheme and other subtle exterior tweaks.

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