Nik Pakiz

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WRC inspired Hyundai i30

A while ago, a PS-Garage Facebook page fan, sent us an email, asking us if we can render the new Hyundai i30, by his request.
You know how we are over PSG, we like challenges.

What he wanted was a rally car inspired with arch flares and touring car style side skirts, front and rear bumpers kits that protrude out in a slightly rounded shape. Exhaust to be in larger diameter than stock one.
The paint color of the car had to be the standard Hyundai electric blue as in the standard photo studio shoot photos.


Featured chops

Here is the new month and time for a new video.

This time we bring to you a series of featured chops on our forums. Lots of choppers showed their skills during the past months and they were awarded in our CoM (Chop of the month) competition.

In this video you can see chops from October 2010, the very first of this kind of competition.


Nik Pakiž, DragonForce

See video

Mercedes Benz C Coupe AMG

A guy you probably are all familiar with by now, DragonForce! Again at our disposal to answer some insight questions.

Q: You totally changed the looks of this car, can you tell us a bit more about the most important mods in your opinion? 

A: This time I decide to make it more sporty and elegant with all kind of racing components. Vents all over the place, 6 exhaust and side vent from Mercedes Mclaren SLR. 

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