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Official: Windows 8 system requirements

Microsoft has spoken about the hardware requirements for running Windows 8, mentioning the current OS, Win 7. Following what the officials said, Win 8 requirements are the same, even lower, with win 7's requirements, so, the users that are satisfied with how the current OS runs, will definitely be pleased of the upcoming 8 OS.


Windows 8 - first look

Guys from the Microsoft finally posted some wips about incoming version of Windows. 

New W8 will be used on PCs, laptops, desktops and tablets. Latest rumors says that W8 will be launched in spring 2012.

You can see video prewiev at the bottom.

See video

Microsoft bought Skype

Latest rumors about Microsoft buying one of the largest internet telephony company Skype, now confirmed by Wall Street Jorunal.

Google and Facebook was also interested in buying, but Microsoft obviously put the highest bid of 8,5 billion dollars.

Skype company was founded in 2003, sold to eBay in 2005 for 2,6 billion dollars, and then sold again to other investors back in 2009.

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