Mercedes Benz A-Class by Inden Design and Binz

Every once in a while, tuners collaborate to make things even better, which is this case, with the A-Class. 

So, you take the new A-Class, equip it with AMG sports package and for the rest, tuners work it out. They installed a carbon fiber flap at the bottom front section, while the side skirts' covers received a carbon fiber replacement while the back shows a new diffuser made from the same lightweight material. These two cars also come with the quad exhaust setup which can be found on the C63 Black Series.

F1 Great Britain - RACE

Nico Rosberg is the winner of the 2013 FORMULA 1 SANTANDER BRITISH GRAND PRIX.

After very exciting race, and a bit of luck, Nico Rosberg managed to drive his AMG Mercedes to a second win this year.

Mercedes A-Class by RevoZport

Got a Mercedes A-Class that you want to tune up? Wait no longer, because RevoZport has recently revealed their plans for a tuning package.

RevoZport is offering three sport packages that are available for purchase. Stage One comes with a nonchalant front splitter (carbon fiber), canards, and a slick rear diffuser. Moving up to Stage two will feature a more well ventilated hood and carbon fiber side skirts. Stage three includes all these goodies from one and two, along with a nice spoiler that looks suprisingly cool on the A-Class. 

F1 Monaco - RACE

Nico Rosberg is the winner of the FORMULA 1 GRAND PRIX DE MONACO 2013.

2013 Mercedes Benz SL AMG

2013 Mercedes Benz SL AMG Render
Been a while since the automotive blogs keep on teasing us with spy shots of the upcoming 2012 Mercedes Benz SL.
Now, we don't do normal things, we like to think ahead, anticipate so we rendered the AMG version of it.
If it will be requested, we could also do the normal SL version, maybe top-down?

On the list of modifications, there is a new rear bumper, with specific AMG diffuser, new tail lights, new lip spoiler, lower side skirts, the entire car sits lower now, added specific AMG rims. 

2012 Mercedes Benz CLS63 AMG Shooting Break

Shooting Break concept has been previewed first time in 2010, at the Beijing International Autoshow. Mercedes has already confirmed the production for this model.
Based on the spy shots, posted a few days ago by, the angles allowed me a short impression on how it will look like.

2013 Mercedes Benz SLS AMG Black Series

AMG confirmed they put the SLS Black Series on the go, a few days ago,  "We absolutely have to do a Black Series" as Tobias Moers - Director of Vehicle Development at Mercedes-AMG GmbH, said
It will be a limited edition series, expecting at least a 50% price increase, over the actual coupe model.

2012 Brabus Rocket based on CLS 63 AMG Speculative Render

2012 Brabus Rocket based on CLS 63 AMG Speculative Render
A couple of days ago, Brabus teased an upcoming model they are going to reveal at this year's Frankfurt Auto Show. 
Judging by the headlamps and mirrors, the model is an CLS. It's well known that everybody, especially Mercedes-Benz fans, are awaiting for a new Rocket model, the fastest saloon, produced by Brabus, back in 2005, which, was also based on that time's CLS AMG.


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