Infiniti Design Language

Infiniti Design Language

Infiniti Design Language

Infiniti came up with some teasers a few days ago, showcasing a sporty sedan, wearing their future design language.

It comes dressed as a four-door coupe styling and it might be their flagship model. The teaser allows us to see a shorter hood, proper space for passenger and an all-glass roof, which makes a continous glass line starting with the windshield, ending with the rear window.

Infiniti Q50 Eau Rouge Concept

What happens when you combine F1 technology and parts into a road going car? You get something like this, aerodynamic body with lots and lots of carbon parts, big 21" wheels and huge brakes. As you would think, with all these enhancements, the car should pull up some nice power, it sure does, production model will boast over 500HP - which sounds like it's ready to hti the scene where the Germans currently dominate.

Infiniti Supercar

It looks like Infiniti will be joining the supercar race. A report states that Infiniti's very own supercar will be available by 2017 or 2018. This could partially be due to the fact that Sebastian Vettel, three time F1 champion, is now the Director of Performance for Infiniti. The making of a new supercar will give Infiniti a large advantage if they involve themselves in racing. 

Not much information about the car has been released, but we can safely assume that many of the car's components will be influenced by the previous concepts, the Essence and the Emerg-E.

Check out the pictures of the Essence and Emerg-E below to imagine how the supercar will look like in the future.



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