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F1 Bahrein - P3 & Qualifying

Sebastian Vettel will be starting from the pole position on tomorrow's F1 race in Bahrein.

Sebastian finished with the time of 1m32.422s, which is just a 0.098s slower than Lewis Hamilton on 2nd. 0.215s behind them was Mark Webber in Red Bull, capturing his 3rd starting postition.

Schumacher, due to DRS problems, couldn't make better time than 1m34.865s, which is enough for 18th place. Massa took 14th, while former world champions Raikonnen and Alonso took 11th and 9th place.

F1 Shanghai, China - RACE

Nico Rosberg is the winner of the 2012 FORMULA 1 UBS CHINESE GRAND PRIX.

After more than 50 years, Mercedes finally won the race again! After great qualifying, Nico drove even better race. Calm, precise driving led him to his first victory in Formula 1.

Thriller happened behind him, we might say, there was no way to tell who will finish 2nd or 3rd until the near end of the race. McLaren duo - Jenson Button and Lewis Hamilton, after hard and exciting driving took 2nd and 3rd place.


Malaysia F1 - P1 and P2

Lewis Hamilton was the fastest man on both practice sessions today with the best time set on first practice session of 1m38.021s, proving again how McLaren is actually fast this season.

Second fastest time of the sessions was Michael Scumacher's time - 1m38.533s, which is more than half a second slower then Lewis's time. 

Sebastian Vettel's best time on session one was just 0.002s slower than Michael's time on session two.

F1 Australia - RACE

Jenson Button is the winner of the 2012 FORMULA 1 QANTAS AUSTRALIAN GRAND PRIX!

Starting from 2nd place, Jenson quickly overtook Hamilton's first place and kept it for himself during the most of the race. Sebastian Vettel, started from 6th place, but with very calm, precise driving he managed to come very close to Hamilton on 2nd, and with a bit of help of a safety car, he placed himself on the 2nd! Hamilton, after loosing his 1st and 2nd place, in the end managed to stay on 3rd, although near the end of the race he had a bit of a trouble defending from Webber.


F1 Australia - P1 and Q

On last practice round, we finally saw some nice, warm, and most important, dry weather. That actually meant that teams can finally show what they really got!

And they showed. Very fast Lewis Hamilton in McLaren took first place from Roman Grosjean in Lotus in last seconds, shaving his time by just 0.077s, and finishing with time of 1m25.681s. Behind them was Mark Webber in Red Bull struggling to catch up. 


It officially started! F1 is back!

So it officially started, F1 is back, and for every single F1 fan it's the most exciting weekend of the year!

Although fair part of the Europe (including me) had problems getting up around 2 AM to watch first practice session, don't worry - you haven't missed a lot. The rain was pouring before the session started, soaking the fair amount of the track. Of course that meant slower times, full-wet tires, less laps..etc.

RACE - Abu Dhabi, UAE

All weekend there were signs that Lewis Hamilton’s mojo was coming back, and a dominant victory in Abu Dhabi was just what the McLaren driver needed. In celebration, he dedicated it to his mother Carmen, whose birthday it was.

He was helped immeasurably as Sebastian Vettel spun into retirement in the second corner as his right-rear tyre came off the rim of his Red Bull, but it wasn’t an easy run to the flag as Ferrari’s Fernando Alonso grabbed second place from McLaren’s Jenson Button on the opening lap and thereafter kept him honest.


RACE - Monza, Italy


 Sebastian Vettel is the winner of the FORMULA 1 GRAN PREMIO SANTANDER D'ITALIA 2011.


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