Balonbay 3D Laser Scanning for Greater Toronto Area

We are extremely happy to announce the official launch of our sister company, Balonbay. Balonbay is a dynamic, Canadian company that offers its diverse in-house services to the Greater Toronto Area. From commercial-grade 3D laser scanning to 3D printing, Balonbay utilizes state-of-the-art tools and technologies for: additive manufacturing, rapid prototyping and reverse-engineering projects.

Balonbay 3D Laser Scanning for Greater Toronto Area

F1 Belgium - RECAP

Sebastian Vettel has drove his Red Bull Renault first across the finish line once again, thus earning another 25 points on 2013 FORMULA 1 SHELL BELGIAN GRAND PRIX.

Sebastian Vettel took first place from Lewis Hamilton just few seconds after the start, using his KERS and drag he slingshooted himself right in the middle of the Kemmel Straight. On the second place, almost 17 s slower was Fernando Alonso after starting from an ninth place. Lewis Hamilton finished third after losing places from Seb and Fernando.

F1 Hungary - Recap

Lewis Hamilton is the winner of FORMULA 1 MAGYAR NAGYDÍJ 2013.

Lewis did a very good job leading the majority of the race, with calm and precise driving he managed to cross the finish line first, first time this year, which is also his fisrt victory for the AMG Mercedes GP.

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